Emma Collins
07 Jul

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog! Today, I'm excited to share a glimpse into a regular day in my life while working on Project Fantas. After an incredible trip to the UK and Paris, where the highlight was definitely our visit to the Moulin Rouge, it's time to get back into work mode here in Australia.Despite some health setbacks this year, I'm finally feeling better and ready to dive back into my routine. Today, I'll be focusing on novel writing and content creation, giving you an inside look at how I manage my daily tasks.

LilySilk - My Luxurious New Favorites

Before we dive into the day, I want to give a big thanks to LilySilk, the sponsor of this blog post. They kindly sent me several luxurious items, including:

  • Essential Silk Pillowcase
  • Essential Silk Scrunchie Set
  • Chic Trimmed Women’s Silk Pajama Set

I’ve been using the pillowcase for a few weeks now, and it’s made of GOTS-certified organic silk, which is antibacterial and super smooth. The scrunchies don’t pull my hair or create creases, and the pajama set is incredibly cozy and perfect for a good night’s sleep. LilySilk also sent me a beautiful White Silk Ribbon Blouse and a Caramel Ultra Fine Merino Wool Knit Skirt, which make for the perfect dark academia outfit while being comfortable and luxurious.

Starting the Day with Tea and Writing

I started my day with a cup of tea – not my usual, as my hand slipped and I added too much milk. After enjoying my tea, I sat down to work on Project Fantasy. My original timeline for this book has been thrown off due to illness, but I’m determined to make progress. My agent has been very supportive, reminding me that there’s no rush to finish the book. Despite my impatience, I’m focusing on chapters 11 and 12 today.

Planning and Editing Strategies

One technique I’ve been using is writing a one-page summary for each chapter before diving into edits. This reduces the cognitive load and helps me focus on specific changes. For example, I might note to reduce exposition on a certain page or enhance character bonding on another. Breaking the edits down into manageable tasks has been incredibly helpful.

A Productive Library Session

After working on my chapter summaries, I headed to the library for a change of scenery. Despite a few hiccups, like finding a table and accessing my files, I managed to concentrate well and make significant progress on chapter 11.

Reflecting on Personal Connections

While editing, I reflected on the personal nature of this story. One of the main characters experiences chronic fatigue and low iron, conditions I dealt with as a teenager. Capturing these feelings accurately in the book has been both challenging and rewarding.

Afternoon Content Creation

In the afternoon, I shifted my focus to content creation. I had about four hours of work to complete, including writing a script for a Patreon video about how I edit Project Fantasy and my approach to draft six. This involved jotting down key points and planning the video structure.

Wrapping Up the Day

By the end of the day, I felt accomplished. Despite a few setbacks, I made good progress on Project Fantasy and completed my content creation tasks. It's been a busy but productive day, and I’m excited to continue working on the novel.

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